Decoded! All of Kangana Ranaut’s glam Cannes 2018 looks :::Misskyra


Jehana Antia | May 12, 2018

A complete guide to Kangana Ranaut's Cannes 2018 style-file

1/8A complete guide to Kangana Ranaut’s Cannes 2018 style-file

A few days ago, we were informed that Kangana Ranaut was making her Cannes debut and we weren’t sure what to expect. And well, it’s been almost 3 days for Kangana in the French Riviera and it’s safe to say that she is no ‘debutante’. She is a Cannes slayer! The actress has been going all-out with her looks and while she is keeping it classy with her style, we can safely say that we have never seen the actress look this sexy ever before. We’re not going to waste any more of your time. So dive into Kangana Ranaut’s Cannes 2018 style-file and be amazed…

by Jehana Antia

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